VEDOC Powder Coating Accuracy

Every VEDOC powder coating colour that is manufactured is sprayed, compared and analysed using the latest technology and adjusted if necessary under the watchful supervision of colour specialists until a perfect match is achieved.

Care and Feeding of Powder Coating Master Colour Standards back to top

Ferro VEDOC Powder Coatings will provide our customers with products that consistently meet or exceed mutually agreed upon requirements. Colour represents a key customer requirement. To assure accurate communication of customer colour requirements, Ferro VEDOC has implemented a Master Colour Standards program. The program will provide customers with a properly documented and approved Master Colour Standard. Establishment of proper colour standards is a critical part of colour communication and provides an objective reference point for evaluation of colour. Colour standards should consist of the same colorants and vehicle as the product being provided, and be properly identified with the product code and conditions used to prepare the panel.

To ensure that colour will not change over time, the following precautions are recommended for the storage and use of Master Colour Standards:

  • Store in envelopes out of the light
  • Do not subject to extremes in temperature
  • Handle with care at all times
  • Hold panel by the edges whenever possible
  • Standards should be used solely for colour evaluation purposes

VEDOC cares – sustaining our environment

Environmental issues are of more significant interest and importance to governments, industry leaders and the general public today. Many liquid paints often contain solvents, (volatile organic compounds) which can contribute to air pollution and, in some cases, ozone depletion. This depletion of the ozone, and subsequent effects on global warming, the melting of the ice age and climate change remains a concern in the coatings industry. To add to this concern, wet painting processes can also generate “sludge” which must be disposed of into hazardous waste landfills.

Unlike many liquid paints, powder coatings are compliant with environmental regulations. Powder coatings are free of such pollutants. Properly formulated powder coatings generate no such hazardous waste. The consumer will be satisfied that purchasing a powder coated product, is being environmentally responsible.

Statistics from around the world indicate that powder consumption by industry is increasing in momentum.

VEDOC have identified that more effort must be made on educating government bodies and industry leaders with the facts on this subject, for example:

VEDOC powder can provide, as an optimum example, using modern equipment, up to 95 -100% utilisation of product through the reclaim and reuse process with almost no wastage at operator level. This is far more attractive than some solvent borne, wet paints with 30-40% solids on average, wasting 60-70% of solvent and overspray into the environment with little or no recovery process at all.

For more details and advantages of converting from a wet paint process to powder coating, contact the VEDOC technical division on or 0117464000.

VEDOC powder can provide up to 95 -100% utilisation of product through the reclaim and reuse process

The VEDOC Laboratory

VEDOC operates a fully equipped modern powder coating laboratory comprising:

• Pilot plant engineered to duplicate powder manufacture
• The latest laser particle size analyser
• Environmental testing chambers to check corrosion resistance and UV stability
• Multiple dedicated spray booths
• Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) analyses
• Dust free & temperature controlled facilities for mechanical testing of applied coatings
• Computerized colour analysis and quality control
• Fully trained and dedicated laboratory staff

VEDOC Innovation

There is a requirement from industry for powders to perform beyond being decorative, functional or protective coatings. New products and markets with opportunities are evolving and the expectations are that a powder coated film must outperform the features of wet paint, in durability, ease of application and cost effectiveness.

VEDOC embraces progress, accepts challenges and offers solutions

• AR abrasion resistant powder – the need is growing
• Corrosion and how to retard the process – accept it and solve it
• Reduce your energy consumption – a demand from the industry

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