Fridges, freezers, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, cookers side panels and air-conditioning units.

The VEDOC powder coating range of coatings is fashioned to suit the changing trends in colour and performance in this sector. Our expertise and creativity is in serving the consumer. Our team of experts understand the economics, trends and performance needs of the market and delivers powder coating technology tailored for all applications and uses, as varied as household appliances, healthcare, leisure and electronic equipment.
There is a growing demand for Ferro VEDOC powder coating products which offer attractive and fashionable finishes coupled with increased durability for both interior and exterior uses.


The VEDOC range for general industrial exterior applications.
VEDOC VX Polyester powders are recommended and specified for general industrial exterior use where superior UV resistance is required. The VX range is versatile and may be applied to suitably pre-treated cast iron, aluminium, zinc casting and steel substrates. VX is available in smooth powder in gloss, satin and matt finishes and in a range of Ferrotex and Ferrograin finishes. The recommended curing parameters for VX are 10 minutes at 190⁰ C (metal temperature).

The TGIC free exterior polyester range from VEDOC.
This range has the same features as the VEDOC VX exterior range but is TGIC free. It is formulated with good UV and humidity resistance and enjoys ease of application with high first part transfer efficiency and a very smooth surface appearance. VS has excellent storage stability and is suitable for low cure, temperature-cure applications.

Epoxy Polyester powder for general purpose interior applications.
The VEDOC VEP Epoxy Polyester range of powders exhibit excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance when applied to properly pre-treated metal substrates. This range is suitable for application to cast iron, aluminium, zinc and magnesium castings as well as sheet metal, aluminium and electro galv. substrates. VEP is available in most popular industry standard colours and from a VEP standard range. The features of VEP are the choices of Ferrotex structured powders, Ferrograin, hammer and speckle effects in gloss, satin and matt finishes. The curing parameters are 10 min at 180⁰ C or 8 min at 200⁰ C. note: The cure parameter for matt VEP finishes is 10min at 200⁰ C. (substrate temperature)

A Superior Epoxy primer with outstanding anti-corrosion features.
Dryzinc 69/90500 This product compliments the VEDOC range of products as the first stage of a two coat application powder process recommended in highly corrosive environments. Dryzinc has good mechanical and chemical resistance properties and is suitable for shot blasted surfaces. The Dryzinc data sheet provides details on application and stoving recommendations when used in a two coat powder process.

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