Laboratory, hospital and medical equipment.

VEDOC feature: The products recommended are suitable for a broad range of interior functional and decorative applications such as indoor refrigeration equipment, hospital or medical equipment, shelving, electrical equipment and instrument cases.


VEDOC EPOXY powders show good chemical resistance.
VE Epoxy powders show better chemical and corrosion resistance compared to other powders. They can be used as a single coat eg. in automotive underbody applications or as an anti- corrosion primer under VP or VX powders, The recommended curing parameters are 10 minutes at 180C, metal temperature.

Epoxy Polyester powder for general purpose interior applications.
VEP The VEDOC VEP Epoxy Polyester range of powders exhibit excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance when applied to properly pre-treated metal substrates. This range is suitable for application to cast iron, aluminium, zinc and magnesium castings as well as sheet metal, aluminium and electro galv. substrates. VEP is available in most popular industry standard colours and from a VEP standard range. The features of VEP are the choices of Ferrotex structured powders, Ferrograin, hammer and speckle effects in gloss, satin and matt finishes. The curing parameters are 10 min at 180⁰ C or 8 min at 200⁰ C. note: The cure parameter for matt VEP finishes is 10min at 200⁰ C. (substrate temperature)

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