VEDOC POLYESTER Powder Coating for Architectural Applications

VP HI-Q is the superior, UV resistant range of VEDOC, formulated specifically for use in this industry where resistance to exterior exposure is required. VP HI-Q carries the QUALICOAT Product approved by QUALICOAT and SANS 1578 Class 1 (normal durable) approval for powder coating with a 15 year guarantee when applied correctly by a Ferro approved applicator. VP HI-Q is available in gloss, satin and matt finishes in a range of industry standard popular colours eg. white, bronze and charcoal or from the VP standard colour range. The recommended film thickness is 60 to 80 micron with curing parameters of 10 minutes at 200°C (substrate temperature).

The VEDOC range for General Industrial Exterior Applications

VX – VEDOC VX Polyester powders are recommended and specified for general industrial exterior use where superior UV resistance is required. The VX range is versatile and may be applied to suitably pre-treated cast iron, aluminium, zinc casting and steel substrates. VX is available in smooth powder in gloss, satin and matt finishes and in a range of Ferrotex and Ferrograin finishes. The recommended curing parameters for VX are 10 minutes at 190⁰ C (metal temperature).

The TGIC free exterior polyester range from VEDOC

VS – This range has the same features as the VEDOC VX exterior range but is TGIC free. It is formulated with good UV and humidity resistance and enjoys ease of application with high first part transfer efficiency and a very smooth surface appearance. VS has excellent storage stability and is suitable for low cure, temperature-cure applications.

Epoxy Polyester powder for general purpose interior applications

VEP – The VEDOC VEP Epoxy Polyester range of powders exhibit excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance when applied to properly pre-treated metal substrates. This range is suitable for application to cast iron, aluminium, zinc and magnesium castings as well as sheet metal, aluminium and electro galv. substrates. VEP is available in most popular industry standard colours and from a VEP standard range. The features of VEP are the choices of Ferrotex structured powders, Ferrograin, hammer and speckle effects in gloss, satin and matt finishes. The curing parameters are 10 min at 180⁰ C or 8 min at 200⁰ C. note: The cure parameter for matt VEP finishes is 10min at 200⁰ C.( substrate temperature)

VEDOC VPU Exterior Smooth Polyurethane Powder

VPU products are suitable for exterior use where better flow is required. The recommended curing parameters are 10 minutes at 200°C (metal temperature).

VPC The Chemical Resistant Pipe Coating

VPC – VEDOC Pipe Coatings are designed to be applied thickly (200 to 500 micron) to pipe or other metallic substrates where superior chemical resistance is required. A higher film thickness is achieved by pre-heating the article followed by the coating phase while the article is still hot. This may be achieved by either applying the powder electrostatically or by dipping the substrate into a fluidised bed. The recommended curing parameters are 10 minutes at 180°C (metal temperature).

Polymer Alloy Grey Wheel Primer

VPA – VEDOC VPA 7005 Polymer Alloy Grey Wheel Primer is a thermosetting primer with excellent filling and levelling properties for use under basecoats on alloy cast wheels.
Other features are:
• the smoothness of the finish
• good sand ability and machine ability properties
• excellent adhesion and chip resistance
• with improved corrosion protection

A Superior Epoxy Primer with Outstanding Anti-corrosion Features

Dryzinc 69/90500 – This product compliments the VEDOC range of products as the first stage of a two coat application powder process recommended in highly corrosive environments. Dryzinc has good mechanical and chemical resistance properties and is suitable for shot blasted surfaces. The Dryzinc data sheet provides details on application and stoving recommendations when used in a two coat powder process.

VEDOC Powder Coatings with Abrasion Resistant AR* Properties

AR – By developing highly abrasion-resistant powder coatings, VEDOC has made it possible to achieve extraordinary improvements that provide lasting abrasion resistance yet need only a single coat, and all without impairing the visual purity, lustre, colour or physical properties of the powder coatings in any way. This unrivalled powder coating technology from VEDOC Coatings delivers added value in terms of durable, abrasion resistant surfaces:
e.g. less prone to drag-marks, reduced dirt- and handling-related abrasion, improved scrub resistance etc.

Outstanding performance
When using a VEDOC AR formulation powder the abrasion resistance can be improved by approximately 100 % over that of a conventional hybrid-based powder coating (as measured by Taber® abraser testing), and with no additional wear and tear on the powder application equipment. (Einlehner abrasivity measurement)

EPOXY POLYESTER low cure powder coating for Interior Applications

VLC – VEDOC developed this range of low cure or fast cure powders with the aim of reducing energy costs consumed during the stoving process. A full cure is achieved by stoving the powder for 5 min at 180⁰ C or 10 min at 160⁰ C. (substrate temperature). VEDOC VLC powders exhibit excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance when applied to suitably pre-treated cast iron, aluminium, zinc and magnesium castings as well as sheet metal, aluminium and electro galvanising for interior applications.

VEDOC EPOXY powder exhibits good Chemical Resistance

VE Epoxy powders show better chemical and corrosion resistance compared to other powders. They can be used as a single coat eg. in automotive underbody applications or as an anti- corrosion primer under VP or VX powders, The recommended curing parameters are 10 minutes at 180C, metal temperature.

VEDOC colours and choice of finish

Choose your VEDOC colour from one of the following standard ranges.

VEDOC VP H-Q colour card
VEDOC VX General purpose exterior colour card
VEDOC VEP General purpose interior colour card

Within these ranges VEDOC offer clear powders for decoration or where additional protection is required, solid colours, pearl and metallic colours and fluorescent interior colours.

Special colour requirements.

If your colour cannot be identified from the standard Ferro VEDOC colour cards above, a special colour will be formulated in colour and gloss level, to match your supplied sample. VEDOC also manufacture colours to the RAL, SABS, BS and Pantone colour specifications.

Select your VEDOC powder finish.

Smooth – a standard finish in 3 gloss levels, gloss 80-100, satin 40-80 and matt 0-40

  • Ferrotex – an excellent textured finish for masking any substrate irregularities or surface imperfections.
  • Ferrograin – a fine sandpaper effect
  • Hammer – a hammertone finish
  • Speckled finish – best described as a spotted appearance
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